We are Emmons and Toby (also known as E’n’T, or the “Ents”), a cultural historian and a software engineer who became friends in Japanese class at Middlebury College in 2007, and soon bonded over our loves for language, music, and quirkiness.  Combining our artsy, scientific and all-around geeky interests into endless conversations and a profound friendship, we have remained close ever since.  Over the years, we had many discussions of how cool it would be to travel the world together, and we have finally started doing just that!  Over the last few years, we’ve had some neat journeys around America, and in January and February of 2016, we set off to explore Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand together on our first Epic Adventure.

We started this blog late in 2015 to share stories, photos, and useful tips gathered through those experiences.  Although we are not currently living abroad and have since returned to the US to start our next adventure closer to home, we are continuing to write about our journeys, and hope to keep doing so as we go on further adventures throughout the future.  Given our interests in witnessing culture and exploring the environment, many of our destinations have focused on getting to know a place and something about its people, its cultural history, its natural phenomena, and how the people and the environment have been deeply interwoven.  So this is a travel blog, but it is also a blog about visiting places of cultural and natural heritage around the world.

We want to share stories and photos about the deeply moving places of this Earth, the ragged mountains and teeming seas, the triumphant feats and daily lives of people, their myths and struggles and aspirations, their temples and farms and cities.  We want to bring people along on our journeys to see what matters to people, to bear witness to the diverse experiences of life on this Earth (whether human or not), and to share what we learned about the practical details of visiting and living in these places, in the hope of expanding others’ horizons as ours were, of inspiring others to keep learning about their world whether at home or abroad, and of providing help to those whose want an example of how it can be done.

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