Behind the Name

The name of our blog, E’n’T Adventures, is based on a simple abbreviation of “Emmons and Toby.”  That part should be pretty self-explanatory.  However, as you may have noticed, it also spells out Ent Adventures!  After playing around with a few permutations of the theme and different possible name choices that didn’t evoke giant tree shepherds, we decided to go with this one not only because we will be spending 3 weeks exploring the lands in which Middle Earth came to life in the Peter Jackson films (boy, isn’t New Zealand gorgeous? I’m so excited to see it in person…), but also because my mom thought it would be a fitting analogy for us two adventurers!  We tend to be a little slow-to-make-decisions, patient, friendly, persistent, and well-meaning, but we can get quite feisty and impassioned when pushed to it or for a good cause.  Plus, we like to be caretakers and environmentalists.  In other words, we are kind of like the Ents of Middle Earth!

So here we are, Emmons and Toby, the Ent Adventurers.

We look forward to having you join us on our travels by following us on this blog.  We will share updates, stories, and photos along the way, plus being happy to do Skype calls, emails, and send postcards on occasion, too.  We head out at the beginning of next week, and will be gone until early March, so there are still a few days before the Adventures really begin…

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